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Franchise Enquiry

  Franchise Enquiry

  'Herby House' Pharmacy Franchise

“Take care of our customers, we take care of you”

Centella Healthcare Pvt Ltd is planning pan India coverage through its brand 'Herby House' Pharmacy Franchise through engagement with suitable franchisee partners who are willing to associate with the Noble CONCEPT of “Reaching People and Touching Lives” through the holistic science of Ayurveda & Unani.

It has therefore built a single principle of “Ayurveda | Unani at your doorstep” with a unique & distinctive concept in the Ayurvedic & Unani Healthcare Industry by creating multiple chains of premium Ayurvedic/Unani Pharmacy with Medical Consultancy Clinics.

In West Bengal, it is one of the leading and fast growing Ayurvedic healthcare retail chains which was started by Sri Amal Barui in the year 2013. Herby House helps persons who prefers to be self-employed by helping to start a 'HERBY HOUSE' Pharmacy franchise to attain success in the Ayurvedic Pharmacy business.

We give you ample reasons to come on board with us for changing the landscape of the entire Ayurvedic healthcare industry in West Bengal and potentially in the country!

  Retail Pharmacy Business

Pharmacy business has emerged as one of the most profitable segments in the healthcare industry. Industry experts believe that India is soon becoming one of the top ten countries in terms of individual medical expenditure. Medicine spending in India is projected to grow 9-12 per cent over the next five years.

In terms of revenue, the pharmacy retail market in India was valued at INR 996.68 billion in 2016 and is projected to reach INR 2,330.2 billion by 2024, expanding at a CAGR of 10.08% during the 2019-2024 period.

Growing health awareness among consumers and knowledge of the additional services offered by organized players shall result in a gradual shift from unorganized pharmacies towards modern pharmacy retail outlets.

  Why Herby House Franchise?

At Herby House Pharmacy chains, we offer a unique concept in Ayurvedic Healthcare Industry and first of its kind in creating multiple chains of premium ayurvedic pharmacy with ayurvedic clinics. It’s built on a single principle of taking Ayurveda to your home. Even second and third tier cities and rural villages can now have access to the latest medicines in Ayurveda.

It is backed by one of the trusted Authentic House of Ayurvedic Medicines & Herbal Cosmetics, with over 32 years’ experience in Ayurvedic retail distribution business.

Presently having multiple Ayurvedic Pharmacy Stores in Kolkata with lacs of Happy customers.

Well-known for rendering quality and genuine medicines, superior customer service and great value for money.

  Eligibility Criteria to become a 'HERBY HOUSE' Franchisee

An ideal franchisee needs to have the following characteristics to become a 'Herby House ' Franchisee.

  1. ✎   Individuals were capable of working hard, diligent and dedicated.
  2. ✎   Should be above 23 years age.
  3. ✎   Should be able to manage the pharmacy operations rather than through employees personally.
  4. ✎   Should have the capacity to do the fundamental calculation and understand trade terms, margins, profit & loss.
  5. ✎   At a minimum, the candidate should have finished the Intermediate level education or SSC.
  6. ✎   Previous experience in a pharmacy or managing a small business will be beneficial.

  Advantages of Becoming 'HERBY HOUSE' Franchisee

There are various benefits to becoming a Herby House Franchisee are as follows:

  1. ♣   Maintaining 25,000+ Ayurvedic & Unani Medicines/ Products regarding sourcing, stocking and payments while managing sales and staff is more accessible when it comes within Herby House.
  2. ♣   Herby House Franchise Inventory management and order as per local demand is entirely automated to avoid additional capital investment needs and minimise losses.
  3. ♣   Robust Supply Chain, chances of stock out is nil.
  4. ♣   Brand recognition and competitive price attract a large number of customers to the store and retain the customers.
  5. ♣   You can be a partner to the changing landscape of the Ayurvedic healthcare delivery in India.
  6. ♣   Herby House franchise serves as an omnichannel retailer.(i.e) it can service both online and offline customers in that area.
  7. ♣   Due to our reach and better-negotiating capability, the skill to earn a better income is more through this channel.

  Herby HousePharmacy Franchise Business Opportunity - Snapshot

  1. ✿  Line of Business : Ayurvedic Pharmacy
  2. ✿  Unit / Shop Area : 300-500 Sq. ft. and the location preferred in potential areas with excellent frontage.
  3. ✿   Investment : Rs 15 Lakhs – Rs 20 Lakhs Varying from the location and the size and condition of the premises.
  4. The investment includes :-

    1. ✿  Franchisee fee
    2. ✿  Refundable security deposit to premises owner (rental advance)
    3. ✿  Interiors, storage racks& furniture
    4. ✿  Computer systems and printer,
    5. ✿  Promotional Materials
    6. ✿  Printing & Stationery
    7. ✿  Necessary inventory (stocks).
  5. ✿  ROI Timeframe : Approx. 2.0 years
  6. ✿   Franchise Tenure : 5 years
  7. ✿   Franchise Location : All over West Bengal
  8. ✿  Business Set-Up Time : 1 to 2 months

  Herby House Pharmacy Franchise Infrastructure Requirement

Billing Counter  Compulsory Doctor's Chamber  Compulsory
Product Display Area  Compulsory Airconditioner  Compulsory
Reception Area   Optional CCTV Set-Up   Compulsory
Sitting Area  Optional Computer / Internet Connectivity  Compulsory
Delivery Service   Optional

  Support Provided by Herby House Pharmacy Franchise

Inventory Planning  Available Monetary Support  Not Available
Product Pricing :- Available  Available Accounting Software  Available
Offers :- Available  Available Online Tie-up Support – Delivery  Available
Customer Acquisition Support  Available Website Support - For Order  Available
Relationship Manager Support  Available Warranty / Guarantee Support  Available
Interior Design Support  Available Operation Manual  Available
Marketing Support  Partially Available Training Manual  Available

  Franchise of Herby House Pharmacy- Marketing Support

Unit Interior & Exterior Ads  Not Available Social Media Advertisement  Not Available
Local Advertisement  Not Available Prints Advertisement  Occasionally Available
Digital Marketing  Available Events/Seminars  Occasionally Available

  Franchise of Herby House Pharmacy- Marketing Support

The following services are afforded by the franchisor for setting up a Herby House franchise

  1. ★   Assistance in all aspects of operating the franchise.
  2. ★   Assistance in selecting the proper location for the store.
  3. ★   Help with store identification and lease finalisation.
  4. ★   Support in entire layout plan, branding materials and furniture and systems required.
  5. ★   Training for the franchise and its staff.
  6. ★   Supply of all products sold through the store.
  7. ★   Operational assistance through the running of the store.
  8. ★   providing all types of equipment to manipulate the pharmacy related purchases, sales, bank deposits, customer records without any complications.
  9. ★   Audit support.

  Franchise for Herby House Pharmacy - Products Offered

Healthcare Products  Available Allopathic Medicine  Not Available
Personal Care Products  Available Diagnostic Services  Not Available
Wellness Products  Available Doctors Consultation  Not Available
Lifetyle Products  Available Doctors online Appointment  Available
Homeopathic Medicine  Not Available

  Documents Required to Start Herby House Pharmacy Store Franchise

Legal Status  Required TAN Card  Optional
Franchise Agreement  Required GST Registration Certificate  Required
Aadhaar Card  Required Business Address Proof  Required
Photo of Prop./Part./Dirct.  Required Unit / Shop Address Proof  Required
PAN Card  Required Ownership Status of Unit /Shop  Required
Bank Details  Required

  Term of Agreement

The franchisee needs to sign an MOU which contains the written statement about the company terms and condition will sign a franchise agreement with selected franchise owner for certain years initially. The agreement is however renewable if both the parties agree.

  Regions of Operation

Herby House Franchises will become accessible over India. Though, in the beginning, franchises are being offered only in the states of West Bengal. Any town with more than 50,000 population would be suitable for a Herby House Pharmacy.

  Enrollment Procedure

Any individual interested in joining Hands with 'HERBY HOUSE' Pharmacy Business can register themselves by dropping a mail at or make a call to head office (+918697020410).